Season Three Filmed on location in Texas
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I can honestly say that Melissa and I did not fully know what to expect from the show. We thought we knew what we were in store from watching episodes of the sister shows, Ammo & Attitude and The Right Stuff but every day was another surprise!

We learned a lot about what we were good at and what we needed to work on. We also learned a lot about us. It was a very frustrating experience sometimes but very rewarding at the same time. Doing it together really made us appreciate each other more I think. We supported each other fully and propped each other up when we needed it.

The challenges and competition was fantastic! There wasn’t your typical reality TV drama between the contestants….just the opposite in fact. We quickly became friends, joking around with each other daily and bonding after each day. Everyone was very supportive and we all left camp close friends!

Shot To The Heart offers an interesting twist on outdoor sports and shooting competition. You have to practice a totally different strategy then you would if you were competing by yourself. The emotion can be at a higher level when you are participating with your spouse. Melissa and I cheered each other when individually we did well and we supported each other lovingly when we did poorly. All in all, I would highly recommend Shot To The Heart to every couple out there! It will test you individually and test your teamwork under pressure and stressful situations!

Melissa & Daniel Stewart

When we showed up to be contestants on Shot to the Heart we didn’t know what to expect or what we had gotten ourselves in to. Our goal was to get past the first challenge and not totally embarrass each other or our family and friends. What we never expected was to have gained an experience that we will never forget or ever stop telling our kids about. The lifelong, new friendships we have gained are a prize in itself that we will cherish beyond anything that could have a price tag. We were so blessed to have this opportunity and it is one we will forever remember and share with those we love and anyone willing to listen. 😉

George and Amy Voorhees