Season Three Filmed on location in Texas
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Season Four (Episode Four)

Eugene Jankowski – Host & Fire Range Safety Officer

Eugene comes from a long history of Law Enforcement and continues to compete in many Nation shooting completions as a professional shooter! As a Police Lieutenant he was the a Tactical Trainer and Advanced Firearms Trainer of a multi-jurisdictional Emergency Response Team for nearly 20 years. Consequently, he has tremendous experience making crucial decisions during high stress situations.



PAPP – Elizabeth Anne Leggett & Glenn


Elizabeth Anne Leggett Papp

Papp is a 26 year old photographer, born in Montreal Canada and now lives in New Jersey. Working as professional photographer her career started in motorsports photojournalism, photographing racing events with her father at the unusually young age of 8. She’s never looked back and has shot everything from local stock cars to Indy Cars, NASCAR and F1.

She started shooting firearms June 2016 when she met her husband Glenn. Quickly swept up in the world of competitive shooting as a sport, her competitive side has really emerged. Liz’s highlights include her taking 12th place in her division at the 3-Gun Nation Championship, and she is also the West Virginia state lady champion.
Liz can also be found with a wrench or MIG welder in-hand, or at the hand crank of a lathe or milling machine. Liz is also an accomplished steam locomotive engineer.

“A few years ago, I would never have believed what I am able to accomplish now. I owe it all to my amazing husband Glenn and the support of my awesome teammates Sam and Fil, my loving family, and friends.”

Glenn Papp

a lifelong New Jersey resident, was first introduced to the outdoors by his father who was an Eagle Scout. Glenn followed his father’s footsteps in the cub scouts and boy scouts, where he learned to appreciate the outdoors and what is has to offer. At a young age, Glenn developed an interest in military history which then cultivated an interest in historical firearms. Once Glenn became of age, that interest flourished into a passion not just for historical firearms but also for shooting. After a season of shooting local 3-gun matches in 2016, Glenn met his (now) wife Liz. Within 3 months, he trained her from having no formal shooting experience to having her competing locally. During the winter, they decided that they wanted to combine their passions of shooting with their passion for travel and committed to traveling up and down the east coast competing in major 3-gun matches together. In one season, Glenn rose to the rank of Semi-Pro in 3-Gun Nation and finished 6th place in his division at the National Championship in November 2017. “I could not have done it without the support and encouragement from my Wife Liz, my family, and my teammates Sam and Fil” says Glenn. Glenn is the owner of his own AR500 steel target business, Pew Pew Plates, which compliments his primary career as Vice President of the family steel business. When he isn’t on the range, Glenn can be found running live steam locomotives, riding one of his motorcycles, WWII re-enacting, or road tripping with his wife Liz.

Cauley – Kelli & John

Kelli Cauley

Kelli is a 47 year old mom of a very active 10 year old and wife of 11 years. They live outside of Louisville, KY on a property large enough for a garden, 20 laying hens, a german shepherd and plenty of room for her son to “be a boy”. She is a girly-girl turned boymom. Kelli has been a career woman for many years that volunteers with her family for several great organizations including Boyscouts of America, Friends of the NRA, and through her husband; Masonic organizations that provide services to the needy. She began shooting firearms after her 40th birthday. As she became more interested in shooting, the sport of 3-gun or Multi-gun became appealing. The strategy and thinking along with skill at a variety of firearms seemed like a fun challenge that would push her to continue to learn. Kelli grew up on a farm as the middle child of 3 girls. She has been friends with her husband since high school, marrying him over 20 years later.

John Cauley

John is a Managing Partner in a Fraternal Financial Planning Firm. He grew up on a farm, learning to hunt and fish at an early age. John was a medic in the Kentucky National Guard for 13 years. He has worked for BSA and a coal fired power plant and a VP of fundraising prior to his current career. He is a graduate and active alumni of Lindsey Wilson College offering continued support for sports programs like football and wrestling and guest lecturing in the occasional classroom. He is a proud father that loves to teach his son about hunting, trout fishing, kayaking and camping. He enjoys his time in the outdoors and finds it relaxing.

Nina Ricci Gabona & Neil Mamaril

Nina Ricci Gabona

A Navy Veteran and a full time Nurse, Nina enjoys spending time with her family, and hitting the range. She never truly had a hobby until a year ago, when she found her true calling in competitive shooting. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing for USPSA and multigun events. In her own words, “Nursing and competitive shooting share many similarities, in both, there is an element of constant pressure, and the difference between success or failure is in your ability to perform in the moment; you must rely on your training.”

Neil Mamaril

Former Petty Officer Second Class in the United States Navy, CNC machine technician, and now a full time student majoring in Nursing. Left the autocross world behind to pursue an exciting life in the shooting sports (3gun and USPSA). Though I’ve only completed 1 competitive season thus far I devote all of my scarce free time to bettering my shooting game and I hope to rise to the occasion with my limited experience and show the world what I’ve got.