Season Three Filmed on location in Texas
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Season Three – Episode Seven

Eugene Jankowski – Host & Fire Range Safety Officer

Eugene comes from a long history of Law Enforcement and continues to compete in many Nation shooting completions as a professional shooter! As a Police Lieutenant he was the a Tactical Trainer and Advanced Firearms Trainer of a multi-jurisdictional Emergency Response Team for nearly 20 years. Consequently, he has tremendous experience making crucial decisions during high stress situations.



Raelle and Matt Cunningham


Raelle Cunningham

is a full time stay at home mom of two beautiful boys. She says: I work part time at our local gun range. Matt and I have been married for 9 years. I grew up in Wyoming and worked on my dad’s asphalt crew with my brother for 7 years. I served a mission for my church in Thailand. I received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication from Utah State University. I am a member of A Girl and A Gun and the NRA. I am a certified NRA basic pistol instructor and a Utah concealed carry instructor. I have been shooting for about 3 years but I am new to the shooting sports. I am hoping to become competitive in 3 Gun competitions. I love camping, gardening, and riding RZRS in MOAB! Most of all I love spending time with my family.



Matt Cunningham

was born and raised in Utah. He says: I spent much of my younger years in the mountains hunting, fishing, shooting and camping. After high school, I volunteered for a two-year proselyting mission for my church in Thailand, where I taught my faith, served the people, and learned to speak Thai. After returning home, a mutual friend introduced me to Raelle, also a former missionary that served in Thailand. We quickly hit it off, and were married later that year.

Later, I attended and graduated college in Business Marketing; however, unsatisfied by the corporate lifestyle, I followed my older brother into law enforcement, which remains to be one of the greatest decisions of my life. I am a Deputy under the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, where I currently serve as a corrections officer in the jail.

Raelle and I are very proud parents of two boys, Matthew and George, where we do our best to let them grow up in the mountains hunting, fishing, shooting and camping.

Katy and Nick Brown

Katy Brown

grew up in small area of Eastern WA. She made the leap from being a CFO to a firearms instructor in 2015. In 2017 she followed her passion and started a personal defense and firearms training company, Defensive Reality, with her 2 partners. She enjoys seeing others gain confidence and seeing them improve their skills.

Nick Brown

grew up in a small Washington town with loving parents who instilled a servants heard and strong work ethic. Currently Nick is surviving as a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses in various markets. What he enjoys most is teaching others to be effective leaders in their jobs and proactive defenders of themselves and their families.

Mark and Candy Eubank

Candy Eubank

says: Mark and I are really looking forward to this new adventure on Shot To The Heart!
I am a 50-year old woman business owner / environmental contractor, making a living every day competing successfully in what has traditionally been a man dominated industry. My career has evolved through a wide variety of interests. I have a successful track record in both real estate and the medical field prior to pioneering my own business in 2007. My most personal passions are animals and wildlife. My husband of 20 years and I live and work on a farm raising registered Brahman cattle along with a wide variety of other pets. My favorite pet ever was a 3000-pound bull that I raised up and trained as a calf. I was born on Gwynns island on the Chesapeake Bay and have lived most of my life in the Richmond, VA area. I have always been distantly familiar with shooting, but became really involved in the sport about 5 years ago when I obtained my CCL and realized that the gun industry was really short on information and training for women like myself, who needed more specialized schooling on all aspects of choosing, purchasing and handling firearms. I was hooked. I sought out every training opportunity which connected me to the “A Girl and A Gun” organization. Within 2-years I had obtained both RSO and Handgun Instructor certifications through the NRA. My husband, Son and I compete together in a variety of local shooting matches for fun in our limited free time. Yep, I am also the proud Mom of an 18-year old son who often joins us to shoot in local matches. We spend most of our time outdoors, whether working or playing and enjoy both the mountains and the beach. I believe that I am very friendly, outgoing and embrace the challenge of a new opportunity or activity. I am competitive and determined and not afraid to think “outside of the box” to get things done.


Mark Eubank

is really excited about being chosen for Shot To The Heart! He says: Life is short, I think this is going to be an awesome experience!

How to summarize me in words??? Hmmm. Not old enough to be “Old School” so, I guess I am in the middle school of life! 52 years old, born and raised in Richmond, Virginia with the good fortune of a loving family and many great friends. My family always comes first. Married my Soul Mate, Candy 20 years ago and never looked back. Candy and I live on a cattle farm, own and manage several businesses together and work very hard to strike a balance between blood, sweat, blisters and putting it aside to enjoy our fantastic life together. We work together, play together and when we can, we test our shooting skills in local matches and competitions, just for fun. I have been shooting and hunting since childhood. We have one awesome Son, Christopher who is 18 and embracing all the challenges of becoming an adult in a world filled with many opportunities and pitfalls! My day to day life is largely guided by common sense. Driven and energetic, I hate pain but LOVE adrenaline! More than a half full glass of water and I Never Ever Quit! I truly believe that indoors is for shelter and sleeping. We live, work and play outdoors nearly every day. I am a consummate student of life, not so much with books and words, but an intense visual study of everything that I encounter. I truly enjoy almost any challenge, solving problems and crushing the obstacles of everyday life!