Season Three Filmed on location in Texas
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Season Two – Episode nine

Eugene Jankowski – Host & Fire Range Safety Officer

Eugene comes from a long history of Law Enforcement and continues to compete in many Nation shooting completions as a professional shooter! As a Police Lieutenant he was the a Tactical Trainer and Advanced Firearms Trainer of a multi-jurisdictional Emergency Response Team for nearly 20 years. Consequently, he has tremendous experience making crucial decisions during high stress situations.



Amy and George Voorhees


Amy Voorhees

has been wife to George for almost 17 years and is the mother of 6 boys ages 16, 15, 11, 9, 5 and 9mos. As a stay at home Mom, who also homeschools her three youngest school age boys, and part time fitness instructor, her days are pretty full. She also enjoys singing in a local classical choir in San Antonio, Musica Sacra San Antonio. Any free time is gladly spent with her husband and boys on the weekend who all enjoy hiking, playing with the Frisbee or throwing around the ball and shooting the guns whenever possible. Someday, by the grace of God, she’d like to have a daughter but, for now, she’s happy being spoiled as the queen of the household.



George Voorhees

is a Catholic husband and father of six boys. He loves spending time with the family on adventures weather it is short weekend trips around Texas visiting friends and family or cross country trips in the van exploring what this great country has to offer, George is happy as long as Mama is by his side and the Voorhees boys are in tow. George grew up in Round Rock Texas where he met Amy and the adventure began. They moved frequently around central and east texas, adding a boy or two here and there along the way. All the time they were both adding on the pounds getting chubbier and not really noticing how big they had gotten. They have always loved being outside at their boys games, shooting in Stonewall or getting together with good friends to let the kids run around while the old people sat and told stories around the fire drinking beer, but they kept adding on the pounds along the way. In 2012 Amy was pregnant ……. again. They had five awesome boys running around, but they had lost a few of little ones as well to miscarriages, so this pregnancy was special because Amy was past the first trimester nearly in to the third and out of the “danger zone”. The found out that they were getting their little girl! They had a party to celebrate and announce to the world that the first Voorhees girl was on her way then tragedy struck. Amy went for a normal checkup and they were unable to find Lanie’s heartbeat. The umbilical cord had gotten tangled and the baby had passed away. The blessing of this small little child did not die with her, it did not die after her birth when her parents held her tiny little body, it did not end the last time they saw her on the bed at the funeral home and it did not end when they laid her to rest in the chapel at their church. She lives on inspiring others. The first person she touched was Amy. Amy decided that if she was going to have another baby she was going to be as healthy as possible so that that little person had the best chance at life within her. Next she touched George. Amy looked at her 300lb hubby and told him that he was not going to have a heart attack at 40 and leave her “alone with all these kids”. As they lost weight and became more healthy they inspired others and passed along their daughter’s legacy inspiring others to be a little more healthy. Her short gift of life has inspired her parents and many many others to lose weight, get healthy and enjoy life a little more. Both Amy and George lost a significant amount of weight and became fitness instructors. Amy is still hard at it and George is still enjoying the fruits of his weight loss by running with his boys, hiking and doing an occasional Tough Mudder or 5k.

Melissa and Daniel Stewart

Melissa Stewart

is a 45 year old mother of 3 BEAUTIFUL daughters, Mimi to 3 1/2 EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME grandbabies and wife to the love of her life, Daniel Stewart. She has three daughters: Ashley 25 years old, Erica 24 years old and Tyland her “Bonus” child or as some may say her step daughter, 13 years old.
Her 3 ½ grandbabies consist of: Liam, “my handsome boy”, 4 ½ years old, Harper, she’s just my “Harper Harper”- we got original, 1 ½ years old, Levi, my “Lil man”, 6 months, and
Cohen, he is still a bun in the oven due July 8, 2016.
Melissa was born in Selma, Alabama, and raised in Haughton, Louisiana as a military brat, but got to Texas as quickly as she could. She is currently in the Food & Beverage business as a manager for a small arena in the North Dallas area. She has been in management for almost 20 years in either retail or food and beverage. She considers herself a Pinterest addict; enjoys walking/exercising, going on cruises (especially to tropical areas), SHOPPING and drinking a good glass of wine! Her grandbabies hold a special place in her heart and she LOVES every minute she gets to spend with them….”they definitely have Mimi’s heart!”
Shooting and 3 gun is a new hobby that Daniel and Melissa were introduced to about a year ago and it has become an addiction. When she’s not working (which isn’t A LOT) Daniel and Melissa are out at their local range or deciding what new gun or accessory they NEED next. She’s very excited to be a part of Shot to the Heart and looks forward to this next adventure.

Daniel Stewart

grew up in rural upstate New York on a small family potato & sweet corn farm and was one of six children. He and his siblings were raised to work hard, be respectful of others and to take personal responsibility for your own successes and/or failures in life. His childhood was filled with memories of farming, friends, sports and hunting. Daniel was an average student in high school but upon attending the Culinary Institute of America he started to mature and apply himself to his studies and future career and graduated with honors.
After graduating from culinary school, he moved to the Dallas Texas area and trained for two years under a Certified Master Chef who instilled in him strict discipline and determination to be the best or at least to never quit striving to be. This training has carried over to other aspects of his life and pushes him to be better every day. He has continued his culinary career for over 25 years to where he now works as a Corporate Dining Chef in which he enjoys most weekends and holidays off and is able to spend much more time with his wife of four years & family, which includes three daughters and four grandchildren. They live in the relatively small country town of Forney Texas which lies about 30 minutes East of Dallas. They love the small town feel and Conservative values that the community offers. Much of their family time is spent going to their daughter’s volleyball matches and visiting with the grandbabies where they are known as Big Papa and Mimi. In what little spare time he seems to have, he enjoys painting abstract oil and acrylic pieces. Most of his art is shared with family but he has been lucky enough to hang some pieces in local galleries and manage to sell a few here and there.
Faith plays a major role in his family’s lives. His family is very involved with their church and volunteers to work with special needs children, youth bible studies and the youth basketball league. They have learned that if you put God first in your life that everything has a way of working out for you. Honor God first and He will bless you ten-fold.
Daniel is a strong believer in Liberty and our nation’s freedoms that we enjoy; especially the 2nd Amendment which he believes protects many other Amendments. He learned to stay involved in what goes on around you in your community, state and our nation. He has always had an itch to get into local politics but as of now he has not done so, but who knows what the future holds in this regard.
He and his wife took up shooting sports, namely 3 gun matches just over a year ago. Their careers, church activities, youth sports with their daughter and other family commitments have limited how much they are able to enjoy the sport but they are slowly improving and are enjoying every minute. It allows them to spend time together as a couple doing something they both enjoy outdoors. It’s a very challenging sport that is often times frustrating but very fulfilling when you improve and complete something better then you have done it before. They hope to be able to spend more time this year and going forward in 3 gun competition.

Erica and James Greene

Erica Greene

was born on January 17th, 1988, and is 28 years old. She is from Waller Texas, and proud of it! She grew up in a small community and was very active in sports and school functions with friends. She is a competitive person, and has always been very outgoing. She loves her country and is very patriotic. She graduated early in 2005, and joined the Army in 2007 as a Military Police Officer. She was stationed at Fort Stewart Georgia, and deployed twice to Afghanistan in her 7 years of service. During that time, she met her husband of almost 4 years. After being married, they both determined they were ready to move on from the Army, and start a new journey. They then moved to Madisonville, TX. Erica is an only child and very close with her family, she credits all of her strengths to her mom and dad. Erica loves the country life and being outdoors. She and James enjoy camping and hunting, and Erica enjoys fishing, cooking and hanging out with Friends and Family. She loves her husband more than words can describe, and she often attributes this to their opposite personalities, as she says,” they balance each other out.” She is a bubbly and outgoing person, and prefers hugs to handshakes, (even though her handshakes are stronger than some men). She is currently a student at Blinn College, and is studying to be a Vet Tech. She has a huge love for animals and plans to have a small farm of her own in the near future!

James Greene

was born April 18, 1982, he is 34 years old. He spent the first half of his childhood in Melbourne FL, then moved to Fremont, MI where he graduated high school. He has a son named Ashton who is 13, and the spitting image of him. He found his calling to serve his country in 2005, and enlisted in the Army as a Military Police Officer. During his nine year enlistment, James was stationed throughout Germany, Ft. Stewart GA, and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He also met his wife Erica during his time of service, and they are approaching their four year Anniversary. After their military service, they relocated to Erica’s home state of Texas, and recently purchased their home in Madisonville. Both Erica and James grew up in small towns and enjoy the country life. James enjoys wood working projects, hunting and shooting, as well as spending time with family and friends. James and Erica own a few rental properties, and James also works for an armored car company. He is a hard worker, and a funny man who brings a smile to everyone’s face.